Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytic is a very valuable tool every website owner should install on their website. If you haven’t done so, you should because you might just be missing in on a lot of data. If you have installed the tool but haven’t paid close attention to the data then it’s high time you start looking in. We have very good experts in our Digital marketing agency services, who understand the in and out of Google Analytics and can guide you in the right way in quick time.

Finding A Reliable One

The most common thing that entrepreneurs check is the experience of the Digital marketing agency services. What they fail to realize is the fact that it is not enough, the agency also needs to be transparent about the reports and keep you informed about the effects of the campaign so that you can alter it accordingly. According to most experts, it is recommended to avail such reports on a half-monthly basis so that you can keep reviewing your campaign and ensure the best possible performance. Not only this, it is also advised to look for results of the campaigns they have conducted in the past. With us you can be sure that our Digital marketing agency services, will always give you the best and real feedback. We never mislead our clients, we always make them happy with transparent and honest feedback and want them to be with us for life. There are many options but finding the right one is never easy.

Getting Regular Reports

Only an agency transparent with their past as well as current reports can be trusted with the online marketing campaign of an entire company. As the techniques and tools keep changing with time the professionals are the only ones who stay updated and can provide you innovative digital marketing solutions. Customer communication is extremely important if you want to create a strong impact on the mind of your prospective customers. Only a professional will know how to use various social media platforms effectively to create multiple channels that you can use to communicate with your audience and get an in-depth insight into their preferences we do it with our Digital marketing agency services.

Google analytic is an online tool that tracks and reports web traffic data for websites. Webmasters armed with this data can use them to analyze their sites with the sole aim of making improvements. The analytic tool is the most widely used traffic tracking tool on the internet today.

Why you need to use Google Analytic

If the answer is yes to whether you have a blog or website then you definitely need to use Google analytics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for personal or business use, everyone needs google analytics. To break things down a bit, our Digital marketing agency services will show you:

  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • Where your visitors live
  • The total number/amount of traffic you get
  • If you need a mobile-friendly version of your site
  • What marketing activity has driven the most visitors to your site?
  • The most popular content on your site.
  • Where improvements can be made on your site.
  • How many visitors have been converted?

The list goes on and on and on……

Apart from the free version, google analytics is also offered in two other premium versions

Google Analytic 360: This was previously known as google analytic premium and it is targeted at large users with numerous fan base.

Google analytic for Mobile Apps: This version is an SDK version that gathers information from iOS and Android applications.

Features of Google Analytics
  • Can be integrated with AdWords: Users can now view online campaigns and track landing page conversions and profitability.
  • Analytics tool can help you identify poor performing pages by using the funnel visualization feature. This will show you were visitors came from, how long they stayed on the page and their location.
  • The tool has an e-commerce reporting feature that can help you track sales and orders.
  • There is a real-timeanalytics data reporting that shows real-time reports of visitors and their actions on your site.

No doubt this online traffic tracking tool is beneficial for marketers and analyst to devise profitable marketing strategies.

Benefits of Using Google Analytics for Optimization Campaigns with our Digital marketing agency services
  • The fact that it’s free means you can get the most of it without eating on your budget. Compared to other paid analytic tool, google analytics is head and shoulders above the rest.
  • You can find out how your visitors located your website. Analytics will help you locate other keywords visitors used in reaching your site outside those you are optimizing for. Your optimization efforts will continue to pay off as more keywords get listed.
  • With analytics you will be able to locate what actions visitors are taking. The links they are clicking and the pages those links are located.
  • New and returning visitors. Google analytics can provide you with a detailed report of new users to your site. It will also give you a figure of those that keep returning.

Also our Digital marketing agency services will tell you that both the website and the content is crucial for keeping your visitors hooked and turning them into loyal customers. Videos are also used widely by our Digital marketing agency services experts for communicating with the target audience and keeping them informed about everything new that is going on with the brand. This doesn’t only keep people interested but also ensures that when they look at your products at the store these interactive videos and the constant communication will impact their decision. So why wait? Search online and find the most able and reliable digital marketing services online today so just call our Digital marketing agency services and we will take care of everything that you need and you need not look anywhere else!


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