Social media advertising

Social media advertising

Today, whatever information we need is listed in the internet, be it direction for a particular address or any services we need in our day to day activities. Everything is available in the internet but in order to access them we need various search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and never forget social media and we are the best Search engine optimization company India. They are easy to operate and provide us with almost accurate answers and also multiple answers at a time, so it is obvious most of us would not bother going through all the answers and only read through the first page of the search result. We can help you get very good results here we are the Top digital marketing company.

This brings us to the concept of SEO, social media marketing it is a process where the visibility of the website that is being searched for is increased in the search results by placing them higher in order. This in turn brings in more traffic to the particular website and helps them reach to a wider group of people. This can be done by various ways, a few of them are creating a proper content, that your potential audience may be looking for, the website should be user friendly and there should be options for sharing this information to others. We offer services, so that you can worry less about whether your website is reaching the potential customers, and focus more on the core services you provide and we are the Top digital marketing company.

India has the second largest population in the world, so there are innumerable websites, thus when we search for some particular website, we are bound to get countless amount of results. In order to stand apart from all of them, SEO is mandatory; hence there are various companies which provide this service in India. 2-3 years back, the term SEO was a jargon for majority of the people in India, thus while preparing websites they never thought about how search engines work or what are the demerits, if their website is not in the top rank while being searched for and we as a Search engine optimization company India can help you. So the SEO services were not faring that well then. It’s completely different story now, almost every website owner in India knows how important it is to be in the top, when it comes to search results and how vastly it might affect the website traffic, ultimately improving their chance to gain maximum profits with the Top digital marketing company. There is still a lot to done in SEO services in India, proper education about it is one of the major concern, until the majority of the people are educated about its benefits the growth of SEO services in India will always be hampered. So efforts should be made to, not only providing the service but educate the need for it too. This in turn will benefit both the service providers and the people using them.

Social Media Marketing

Twitter allows people to send short messages or share updates with others. These short messages are often regarded as microblogging tweets. Facebook on the other hand is a very wide social media site that allows sharing of messages, photos, updates, events and so much more.

What are the Relationship between Search and Social Media Marketing?

The bloodline of Social media sites relays on user-generated content, and as such it feeds into the discovery of new content as a search activity. People often use social media sites to look for new information just as they would do in a search engine. Social connections, sharing and liking activity may also impact the relevancy of search results for peculiar search quarries. We can help you grow here with our Top digital marketing company.

The 4 P’s of Social Media Marketing


Pricing here doesn’t necessarily have to be money. Pricing refers to all that the customer has to do in other to get the product. It might involve money, time, effort or lead. Basic economics demands that the benefits of acquiring the product must outweigh the cost. If the cost outweighs the benefits, customers are likely not going to adopt the product. We will give you complete assistance here with our Search engine optimization company India.


How the product reaches the customer is a valuable P in social media marketing. Tangible products will encompass all the distribution system needed from the warehouse to the customers. Intangible products are much easier to deliver. We guide you with this also with our Search engine optimization company India.


This is where our expertise is needed. The promotion aspect deals with all that is required to increase the visibility of the product in social media channels. This involves the integrated use of media advertising, public relations and advocacy to reach predetermined goals. We have a team of experts who would guide you for this.

What is the Cost of Social Media Marketing service?

In all honesty, this question is rather broad and we would try as much as possible to streamline the answer to advertising on major social media platforms. The size of your business and the experience level of the agency you hire goes a long way to determine the cost of any marketing activity. Our prices are very good just visit out Search engine optimization company India.

Serious marketing can cost from $1000 to $20,000 monthly but we offer good prices just visit us at Search engine optimization company India.

Social media marking for Twitter alone can cost from $2000-$5000 and includes creating a new twitter account, customer interaction to increase followership with regular micro blogging (140 character post).

Social media marketing on Facebook is much more expensive than that of twitter because of the increase in click value. The average charge for Facebook marketing goes as high as $9,000 monthly. Just hire us and we will give you very good traffic with our Top digital marketing company.


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